"1001 Black Inventions"

Theatre Production: "1001 Black Inventions"

The famous historian, Arnold Toynbee, once commented, "When we classify mankind by color, the only primary race that has not made a creative contribution to any civilization is the Black race." For 30 years and 3,000 performances, "1001 Black Inventions" has been an unusually funny antidote for this gross misconception.

"1001 Black Inventions" is a play that features the lives of brilliant men and women, then takes you into the Twilight Zone, a typical American family attempting to survive in a world without inventions created by Africans and African Americans. Audiences laugh themselves into the realization that Black ingenuity is an integral part of their everyday lives.

Booking Information

"The program was extremely entertaining, touching, and educational for adults of all ages and cultures.  So well supported that we would like to have you back."
Nalda Callender, Program Coordinator - National Congress of Black Women Foundation, Vancouver Canada

1001 Black Inventions - "Laced with humor and peppered with music... the historical figures show students they can be anything regardless of the restrictions placed on them."
Jocelyn Stewart - Los Angeles Times