Empowerment Through Edutainment

Our Mission
To provide plays, publications, and programs that educate, entertain, and inspire happy, healthy, and productive lives.
Our Vision

As a preeminent provider of edutainment, i.e., plays, publications and workshops that entertainingly teach, Pin Points, Inc. aspires to inspire youth and adults, throughout the global community, by helping them discover practical principles that lead to happy and healthy lives.

                   (37 States and 9 Countries)

For thirty years, as a small community-based nonprofit, Pin Points Theatre has provided jobs, job training, health, and performing arts programs in some of D.C.'s most challenging communities, taking these productions to 37 states and 9 countries.  Whether we're in prisons or major theaters; in auditoriums or multi-purpose rooms, Pin Points remains true to its mantra: "More than just a theater company." 
References include: Bob Hope Theater in Stockton, Lincoln Theater in DC, Attorney General's Office, Homeland Security, DC Department of Employment, DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Armed Forces Entertainment (7-week Asian tour), Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, and schools churches, and theaters throughout the United States. 

  1001 BLACK INVENTIONS: First produced in 1983, "1001" features the inspiring lives 
of ingenious men and women then travels into the   Twilight Zone; a world gone mad as the inventions of Africans and African Americans . . . disappear! Audiences laugh themselves into the realization that Black ingenuity is an integral part of their everyday lives. S.E. Theater Company Fills Knowledge Gaps in Play About Black Inventors

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EexxhSC_SLY&feature=youtu.beSOUL OF LANGSTON takes you on a dramatic journey through  Langston Hughes's life, his rage, his triumphs, and his vast contributions; an emotional Langston like you've never seen before. Teacher Guides and writers workshops are available as a supplement this one-man play.  

THE MEETING answers the question, "What would have happened if Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had met before they were both assassinated just three years apart." 
 It is an emotional, clever, and intense confrontation between Malcolm X, his hostile bodyguard, and Martin Luther King. This award-winning drama (eight NAACP Theater Awards and six NY AUDELCO nominations) gives surprising information about these leaders, the times, their relentless wit and humor, and their unwavering commitment to human rights.


AYANNA GREGORY, daughter of Dick Gregory, in her one-woman show "DAUGHTER
OF THE STRUGGLE" dramatizes the universal impact of Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights movement, Dick Gregory and the Gregory family: Funny, poignant, and enlightening!  Ms. Gregory also conducts Real-Talk sessions to counsel "at-hope" youth, providing one-on-one solutions and resources to address troubling issues in each young person's life. "Daughter of the Struggle": News Report.

HOOKED ON LOVE is certainly our funniest show: A play performed by a male-female singing comedy team gives hilarious insight into a complex answer to a serious question: How do men and women get along? The couple also performs pure standup routines as well.


In partnership with HIGHER HOPES, Pin Points serves youth with electronic ankle bracelets while others have book bags; still others, severe reading deficiencies. It doesn't matter. Our program is effective in its simplicity: We take the time to develop relationships with youth then show them options. Young folks don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  It's the reason none of our youth have been charged for a crime committed during the months they are under our care.  Ultimately, we work with youth to redefine "cool" as taught by the father of the REDEFINING COOL movement, Dr. Bruce Purnell. 
Our life-coaching, GED, tutoring, job training, jobs, and arts programs have been supported by Youth Rehabilitation Services, UPO, Children & Youth Investment Trust Corp., Progressive Life Center., Dept. of Employment, and the DC Commission on the Arts. 

Established by the BeeHives Training Program  (http://www.thebeehives.org/, Pin Points's Medical Missionary Certification program teaches the "Eight Laws" of evidence-based, science-based and God-based remedies. For clinical proof and practice,  students restore the health of ailing friends or family members within the 7 weeks of the course. For a peek into just one Law, nutritherapy, click here: Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.  For even more convincing proof, bring our free but life-changing classes to your community. 


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Core Values

Pin Points, Inc. is guided by these Core Values:

  • Members, employees, and associates who practice productive behavior, i.e., behavior that reflects courtesy, kindness, fairness, reason, and a sincere effort to help - in all matters.
  • Responsiveness to and respect for the needs of people from all cultures, especially those  needs of the African and African American community.
  • Responsiveness to and respect for the uniqueness of each organization, family, or individual that we serve. 
  • Commitment to the principles of cooperation and honesty in all dealings with those we serve as well as employees throughout our organization.
  • Commitment to the production and distribution of entertaining plays, workshops, and publications that are tasteful and healthful.
Until kindness is common and sickness is rare.
*Pin Points is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.