Youth Development:


After School Programs
                     WELCOME TO MIND, BODY, AND SERVICE (MBS):
                              Youth Program: Since 1980, Pin Points has created community plays with young people from some of the most impoverished DC neighborhoods and transformed them into award winning productions that have toured thirty-seven states and nine countries, giving our youth life-changing exposure to a
diversity of information, people, places, and experiences.  Participants are given endless choices of activities from dining out to martial arts to
IT Certification - as they become what they explore.
Through the process of theater, youth learn that acting is the art of communicating a message that causes someone to act, react, and/or take action.  Youth then discuss, plan, create, organize, and implement projects that address their issues.  Taking ownership of "MBS" encourages them to take ownership of their choices in life.
*The above is accomplished with a format of theater, learning on the move, role-playing, long-term mentoring, and training in the performing arts. "Learning on the move" is especially effective because many students find classroom learning difficult, but all students learn through movement.  See: (Learning & Movement)
The MBS Mantra   

You have two ends with a common link.
With one you sit.  With one you think.
Success depends on which you use.
Heads, you win.  Tails, you lose. 

Final Production:
At the end of each year, all members from each location participate in a grand production where youth receiving training in computer technology, boxing, martial arts, basketball, music, hip hop, acting, singing, writing, etc. will all rehearse and perform skits around their particular interests - exposing all youth to each others’ field of expertise:
(Transportion is often provided.)
2525 14th Street, NE - Wash., DC 20018
2201 Shannon Place, SE - Wash., DC 20020
(includes boxing & martial arts)
6101 Cherry Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770  
NOTE:  PIN POINTS THEATRE’s youth program follows the guidelines of:
(1) Positive Youth Development put in place by the National Training Institute for Community Youth Work Academy for Educational Development, Wanda E. Fleming and Elaine Johnson, October 1996;
(2) Improving After-School Program Quality by the William T. Grant Foundation, April 2007 and the;
(3) Advancing Youth Development by the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, 2009.